Hulk Hogan Joins Network Marketing Company Numis Network! – Are You Kidding Me?

Numis Network Catches Hulk Hogans Wrath

Hulk Hogan Joins Numis Network

Numis Network has caught the attention of famous wrestler Hulk Hogan, and radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge. They have actually put up a website fully endorsing this new Company to the Network Marketing industry?

Remember the George Foreman Grill? It has been said that Hulk Hogan was actually the first person that they tried to call to promote this grill, and he was not home

when the call came. I would imagine that this would be a hard to thing to forget. Could this be what will get him the income that he missed out on with the George Foreman Grill?

What is it about this company that is grabbing so much attention?

In todays economy there are not many items that are a profitable purchase for everybody. However, it appears that Numis Network may have stumbled across one of the few that fits the bill.

Numis Network is the first Network Marketing company to ever market Numismatic PCGS, NGC and ANACs Graded MS-70 Gold and Silver coins minted in the US.

For $99.00 a month Numis Network ships a coin to you that is worth at least $99 or more. At the price that you pay for the coins, you have something that is worth what you paid for it as soon as you get it. Historically these coins have gained a lot of value over time.

Some quick research into the going price for any ANACS Graded MS70 American Silver Eagle from before 2009 quickly reveals that they have all increased in value. This adds an unusual factor to the Network Marketing industry. The longer you are in, the longer you are receiving Gold and Silver coins that have historically gained in value, thereby growing your personal wealth, without actually recruiting anyone.

In an industry where there are thousands of products that are re-spins of the same thing in a different package, it is refreshing to see something that is going to make sense to so many people. I mean, how many different juices can you have before they just all blend together? .

This could very well be one those opportunities that doesn’t come around that often. With the company being less than a year old, and marketing a product as solid as Gold and Silver, the buzz is definitely out there.

The home based business industry has already been on a huge increase in the past couple of years. Numis Network is bring the option of actually having money as a product.

Now, I want to make sure and let it be known that there is a great advantage to being involved in something that has a lot of momentum, however, at some point the greatest momentum will require that YOU take the wheel and drive yourself.

I have been involved in this industry for long enough to understand that your success in Business, online or off-line, is directly linked to 2 major things.

1. Close involvement with a team of people who are using a system that works.

2. Your ability to market and promote yourself and your business.

It all starts with adding value to yourself. When you know how to show people that you have something to offer them as a person and a professional, the rest is EASY.

Check out what Hulk Hogan has to say about this at StroutSpaceand click his picture.

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