Affiliate Marketing Guru On The Way…

Affiliate Marketing Guru On The Way… That’s it … I AM ON THE EDGE …

Here let me letting it out of my chest …


Ha!…there it is I spit it…

Here the deal i am tire of looking at Bozo who try to hock me on their site or software…

Don’t Get me wrong Those People have for most of them legit story and working software too. …         … I guest…

But what about the real people who don’t have even a dime to spend! … look like we do not exist … I Ask?

We have lost the MEANING of ” Network ” ,” Affiliate ” or even ” Commission’s “.

What are you doing ? You  Robed  Your Own Kind ! That Disgusting !

And to top it all …  You expect that they will keep asking for more ! .?.

Look like there are some teaching to do Here … Hein!

Now  IT  IS  Personal … !!!

I am Going to the top to teach you the real meaning of Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing …

Now I Dare one of the Guru out there Any of you (you know who you are) …. TO…

Show me that your product work … For Real Here! By letting me trying it (completely FREE ) and prove me that it work ( Within 48 Hrs! ).

Not Next Month, Not Next Week, Not Even in 7 Days … 48 Hrs  From reception of what ever you have to do it …

I will pay! even double!  the price of It …and promote it as one of my Real Guru …

And then we can talk about Network and Affiliate …

Do not get me wrong i have the up most respect for you my trouble is with the way the business as become …

So see you up there on your cloud !… I am coming …

Francois Caille

P.S. Please if you agree with me or not does not mater … Talk about it ! Share it !

You will see … I will prove it to you soon … up there !

P.P.S. Send me a E-Mail if you have a product to discus …Have a nice one!


About Francois Caille

I am in Retail for over 30 years now, I am new at Network Marketing on The Internet … This Blog will be a Back Door to my Office.

One response to “Affiliate Marketing Guru On The Way…”

  1. ian jackson says :

    How To Make Money Online

    Contrary to popular belief, there are actually HUNDREDS of ways to make money online. Ranging from filling out surveys, putting up AdSense Ads, being a ghostwriter for sites like, or my favorite… direct response marketing, also known as affiliate marketing.
    We’ll talk more about affiliate marketing in a moment, but before we do that I just wanna make sure
    you understand that you don’t have to go to school and get some expensive education to make millions
    of dollars. No way!
    When you really study what makes rich people rich, you’ll notice that they are all REALLY good at
    something. I think Jim Rohn said it best “No wonder he’s rich, look at everything he does.”
    And when you really take that to heart, you’ll realize that making money is not just a thing that
    happens to a few ‘lucky’, but it’s actually a skill that you can become a master of. When you do,
    money is simply just attracted to you.
    Now I’m not saying money just appears in your bank account out of thin air, I’m not the freakin’
    Houdini. But what I am saying is if you focus on mastering certain skills like affiliate marketing
    then you can simply just create money by setting up a few ads here and there or sending an email
    with your affiliate link in it out to thousands of people on your list.
    So what exactly is affiliate marketing?
    Essentially, affiliate marketing is where you promote other peoples product for a cut of the sale
    commission, sometimes as large as 75%! This is really the ultimate business model because you can
    get started absolutely free!
    There are sites like out there where you can sign up for a free account and find
    products to promote. This is awesome because all the hard work of creating the product, managing
    all the customer support, building the websites and everything like that is done for you. The
    product owner manages all that.
    Literally ALL your have to do is drive traffic to your UNIQUE affiliate link, and when someone
    decides to buy through your affiliate link, you make a commission and move on.
    How sweet is that? All you gotta do is drive traffic to a sales page that is already proven to
    make sales and then sit back and watching the money roll in. PLUS you don’t gotta deal with any
    of those annoying customers or build any websites, just drive traffic and make money!
    It’s a total win-win situation. You don’t have to deal with any hassles AND you make more money
    that the product owner themselves.
    But as I was saying earlier, there is still one thing missing from this equation… The Skills!
    Without the right skills, you will fail to make any sales what so ever. You’ve gotta learn how
    to drive traffic and setup your online business model because without that knowledge, it’s gonna
    be pretty cutthroat out there.
    So let me share with you where I learned a TON of great information about making money online
    that I think you will really benefit from as well.

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